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Volume and Bass , Treble knob
Source and Pair buttons


Satellite speaker: 1.5m
Audio input cable: 1.5m
Audio input cable:
RCA vs. 3.5mm stereo cable x 1pcs

Simple: Great company for all multimedia sources like mp3, PC, TV as well as Smartphones and tablets which support Bluetooth (A2DP).

Bluetooth Speakers: 2.5” full range driver for satellites and 6.5” base driver for the subwoofer. Supports USB/SD card readers and USB reader supporting MP3/WMA dual formats decoding.

Access and Design: Bluetooth range upto 15 meters. Has aesthetics cubic design with golden ring decoration.Elegant volume knob with texture design with LED ring indicating power on. 28W subwoofer output. Compatible with IPhone 4S, Ipod Touch 4G, Ipad, Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Desire and other Bluetooth devices.